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Interested in trying something new?

For the next couple of weeks we have Hendrick’s Gin© served with Cawston© Cucumber and Mint press available with a nice garnish of fresh cucumber!

Hendrick’s Gin© (41.4% Vol) which was established in 1886 has made a massive impact in the UK Gin market becoming widely know for it’s serve with cucumber. Distilled from a recipe which includes coriander and citrus peel and later infused with cucumber and rose petals gives it an astonishing smell and flavour to enjoy.

This made us think, why not enhance the flavour by serving it with a harmonising mixer. This gave us the idea of trying Cawston© Cucumber and Mint press. The press is Cucumber and mint blended with crisp apples to give a cool, refreshing blend that will perfectly complement Hendrick’s©.